Professionalism. Integrity. Dedication.

"My mission is to deliver a holistic plan that provides clarity and confidence in your financial well being, today and in the future." 

- Michael Mennella 

Michael Mennella’s Approach

Michael Mennella and his team passionately and collaboratively align values and goals with financial decisions. They are dedicated to helping his clients achieve distinctive, substantial and lasting improvements to their financial security and, as a result, to their lives. 

Michael Mennella's Comprehensive Financial Planning Process

Michael Mennella and his team believe that the most important way to help you stay disciplined, focused and on track is with their comprehensive financial planning process.  This process is designed to uncover your full range of financial needs, from wealth creation to wealth protection to preserving your legacy – and create a comprehensive five step plan to help get you there.

  1. Discovery: One of the most important components of any successful relationship is a true understanding of your goals and dreamsIn the Discovery Process, Michael and his team focus on what is most important to you, both financially and personally, and address all major aspects of your financial life. What are your short term and long term objectives? How do you define success? What are your greatest concerns about achieving your goals? As part of this step, they will also make a “Mutual Commitment” to working together with you and putting your plan in place.
  2. Analysis: In order to have a clear picture as to where you stand, Michael Mennella and his team will take a comprehensive inventory of your current financial position and evaluate strengths as well as any gaps or weaknesses. They then will assess which plan options best align your goals with your financial situation.
  3. Development: Based on their analysis, Michael and his team will build a customized comprehensive financial plan which will address your unique goals and needs. This will be done within the budget parameters that you've set, and will serve as the financial foundation from which to build upon. They will develop both short term and long term plans leveraging a variety of world class products and concierge style services. Their focus will be on getting you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future, with the understanding that life is never static.
  4. Implementation:  After approval, Michael and his team work with you to execute your plans.  You will receive a checklist that documents actions, assigned responsibilities and accountability, as well as critical dates.
  5. Monitoring: Life changes and your plan will need to evolve as things come along. That’s why it is important that you meet periodically with Michael to evaluate the plan itself, and confirm that the action items in motion are still in alignment with your current goals and objectives.


Building Your Financial Plan

Michael Mennella believes your plan starts first with a foundation: Risk Management. Once your risks are addressed, you can confidently begin Wealth Accumulation to meet your goals. Retirees ascend to Wealth Preservation and Distribution, working to retain their desired lifestyle as well as assuring a meaningful legacy.

Pyramid of NeedsWealth Preservation & Distribution: evaluating your situation, the income you need for your retirement lifestyle, and the optimal way to pass along a legacy to your heirs.

Wealth Accumulation: planning to achieve your financial goals including education for your children, the lifestyle you choose and your retirement dreams.

Risk Management:  protecting the things you value and could least afford to lose;
It's your foundation for all planning.


Michael P Mennella, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC®

Managing Director

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